Outdoor Bars for Home

Do you want to create an outdoor entertainment area that will be the envy of all your neighbours and friends? If so, why not consider installing one of our outdoor home bars in your garden?  Pop Up Bars have an amazing range of outdoor bars for sale that will enhance any outdoor entertainment area, your garden or even your precious man cave. 
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A superb range of outdoor bars for home and away

Choose from a wide range of designs to complement all kinds of party themes and colourways or elect to personalise your outdoor home bar by emblazoning your name in lights. 

When you buy an outdoor bar from Pop Up Bars you’ll get more than just a simple in situ timber look outdoor bar

Quality Outdoor Bars for Home

You’ll get a beautiful, practical and functional bar that can be set up on a permanent basis in your garden or that can be folded away and taken to any outdoor event. It’s simple to erect; it simply pops up without the need for tools, and is ready to go in seconds. 

Plus, as it comes complete with a set of battery operated remote-controlled multicolour LED showcase lights, you aren’t restricted to setting up your bar next to a power point. 

Choose from various sizes and optional extras for your outdoor bar

Our outdoor timber bar comes in various different size options, but whether you just need the standard 3ft / 900mm model or you’d prefer the larger 4ft /1200mm, 5ft / 1500mm or 6ft / 1800mm version, you’ll still get the same great features.

You can also opt for extras such as ice wells, speed wells and an overhead canopy to help you stand out at any party or event.

So, as you can see our bars are no ordinary outdoor bars. 

Personalise your entertainment space with an outdoor bar from Pop Up Bars

One of the best reasons for choosing an outdoor bar for home use from Pop Up Bars is the extensive selection of designs. 

Whether you want something traditional such as stripes, wood or brick effect or you prefer to add an individual touch with a bar decorated with bananas, a Tiki theme or a rainbow, the choice is up to you. 

Of course, you may want to personalise your bar with your name in lights or with a photo of your family. You’re only limited by your imagination. 

Order your outdoor bar from one of the leading suppliers of pop up bars in Australia

When you order your outdoor bar from Pop Up Bars, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the quality of our product. What’s more, we deliver throughout Australia and offer shipment overseas too. 

If you have any queries about our bars or would like to add the personal touch, simply get in touch by calling +61 2 8123 2110 or drop us an email to info@popupbars.com

Pop Up Bars is Australia's leading supplier of mobile pop up bars, pop up cocktail bars, portable bars and outdoor bars for home. We provide bars to all of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
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Outdoor Bars
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www.popupbars.com Mobile Bar Branded 'Pop Up Bars'

Branded 'Pop Up Bars'

From $1,645.00
www.popupbars.com Mobile Bar White Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

White Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Ivy Leaf Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Forest Green Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Arctic White 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,195.00

White Marble 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00
www.popupbars.com Mobile Bar Yellow Beach Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

Yellow Beach Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

White Brick Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Watermelon, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Turquoise Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Turquoise Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Tropical Leaf, From Where You'd Rather Be! 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Tiki Sunrise 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Sunset Tiki 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Silver Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Red Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Red Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Rainbow, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Pink Powder Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Pineapple, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Palm Tree Sunset , From Where You'd Rather Be! 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Palm Tree Sky, From Where You'd Rather Be! 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Orange Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Orange Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Neon Lounge Bar Sign on White Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Neon Lounge Bar Sign on Dark Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Neon Lounge Bar Sign on Dark Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

'Up In Lights' Your Bar Sign on Dark Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Neon Lounge Bar Sign on Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Navy Blue Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Lobster, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Las Vegas 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Flamingo, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Dark Timber Grain Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Dark Brick Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Copper Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Chesterfield Ivory 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Chesterfield Chocolate 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Chesterfield Burgundy 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Chesterfield Black 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Checkered Flag 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Canary Yellow Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Cactus, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Brick Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Black Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Banana, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Bamboo Natural 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Bamboo Green 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

'Up In Lights' Your Bar Sign on Dark Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00
'Up In Lights' Your Bar Sign on Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

'Up In Lights' Your Bar Sign on Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00