Orange Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'



Orange Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar' 

Featuring a beautiful textured Orange Timber Grain portable bar to people who want to add sophistication and elegance to their grand event. If you want a portable bar that looks part of the décor.

Our smart bar will look appealing to the eye and catch the attention of guests as soon as they enter. It will enhance your décor, but without overshadowing it. Your guests will appreciate having a portable bar at the event, especially one this special. Our portable bar is perfect for a host of different events where classiness is key.

Our 'Pop Up Bars' are the perfect solution for Promotions, Wine Tasting, Trade events, Product Launches, Satellite Bars, In-Store Tasting, Parties, Man Cave's, Event Hire plus many more applications.

  • Our bars come fully assembled and folded for easy transport and storage, they can be setup and ready for service in seconds with no tools required.

    All our bars come with remote-operated multicolour LED showcase lights illuminating the front panel and LED work lights lighting up your workspace. You can setup and be the centre of attention in any lighting conditions. Both are battery operated so no messy extension cords or the need to locate a power point.

    We have four standard sizes available 900mm/3Ft, 1200mm/4Ft, 1500mm/5Ft and 1800mm/6Ft

    Weighing from 18Kg to 34Kg the are truly mobile and can be handled and set up by one person.

    The branding is directly bonded to the bar for scratch resistant long lasting results.

    All our 'Pop Up Bars' are lightweight, rust resistant, mould resistant, UV protected & waterproof.



    Open: 900 x 600 x 1150mm, 36" x 24" x 46" (W x D x H) 

    Closed: 900 x 270 x 1150mm, 36" x 11" x 46" (W x D x H)

    Weight 18Kg


    Open: 1200 x 600 x 1150mm, 47" x 24" x 46" (W x D x H)

    Closed: 1200 x 270 x 1150mm, 47" x 11" x 46" (W x D x H)

    Weight 22Kg


    Open: 1500 x 600 x 1150mm, 60" x 24" x 46" (W x D x H)

    Closed: 1500 x 270 x 1150mm, 60" x 11" x 46" (W x D x H)

    Weight 29Kg


    Open: 1800 x 600 x 1150mm, 72" x 24" x 46" (W x D x H)

    Closed: 1800 x 270 x 1150mm, 72" x 11" x 46" (W x D x H)

    Weight 34Kg

    Looking for a custom size? Please contact us for a quote.

    Standard Features:

    • Fully assembled out of the box
    • Folding compact design
    • LED Full Colour Showcase lights with remote control and battery pack
    • LED Work lights
    • Storage shelf
    • Carry handles


    • Ice Well 325 x 265 x 200mm
    • Ice Well + Speed Well (Ice Well 325 x 265 x 200, Speed Well 162 x 265 x 100mm)
    • Ice Well + 3 x Speed Wells (Ice Well 325 x 265 x 200, 2 x Speed Well 162 x 265 x 100mm)
    • Ice Well Large 530x 325 x 200mm
    • Overhead Signage Canopy with Branding

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900mm/3Ft, Pop Up Bar

900mm/3Ft + Canopy, Pop Up Bar

1200mm/4Ft, Pop Up Bar

1200mm/4Ft + Canopy, Pop Up Bar

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