Portable Bars & Bar Tables

Would your event or party benefit from having a portable bar? If so, look no further than Pop Up Bars. We have a fantastic range of portable bars for sale, in a range of designs that has to be seen to be believed.  Perfect for all kinds of outdoor functions, our portable outdoor bars offer an eye-catching focal point for parties, promotions, wine tastings, corporate events and any get together where you want to offer hospitality to your guests. 
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An amazing array of portable outdoor bars for sale

We also provide the option to personalise your portable outdoor bar with your name, product or brand, making it the ideal way to get your message across to your guests. 

At Pop Up Bars we don’t just offer one design of portable outdoor bar for sale but we offer an amazing array of designs to suit any function, occasion and situation. Looking to host a fun party? Choose one of the bright and bold designs from our Sunny Time or Tiki ranges, such as flamingos, cacti, sunset and sunrise. 

Portable Bars & Bar Tables Online

Want several bars for your outdoor wedding? Match your portable bar tables to your colour scheme, or choose a different colour portable bar table for each type of drink you serve – the choice is up to you. 

Looking to host a corporate event to launch a new product? Pop Up Bars can put your product or branding on the front of your outdoor portable bar to give you a focal point that your customers won’t forget in a hurry. 

Easy to erect. Easy to put away. Easy to transport. Easy to store

That’s the beauty of the portable outdoor bars from Pop Up Bars. They simply pop up into shape without the need for tools or complicated instructions. 

Once you’ve finished with it, fold it back down and store it away. That’s all there is to it. It may not be the cheapest portable bar for sale on the market, but it’s easy to erect, a pleasure to use, and can be used time after time for all your future events. 

Personalise your bar with your name, product or logo

What’s more, it comes complete with its own battery operated remote-controlled multicolour LED showcase lights so you don’t even have to worry about setting it up near a power supply, together with the option of an overhead canopy for added protection from the elements. 

One big advantage of buying a portable bar from Pop Up Bars is our ability to personalise your bar with whatever you like. Whether you want your brand emblazoned on the front, you want to showcase your new product range or you want your name in lights, we can do it! 

Contact the Portable Bar Experts Today!

Just let us know what you want and we’ll work our magic to give you your own personalised portable bar. 

For further information call +61 2 8123 2110 or drop us an email to info@popupbars.com

Pop Up Bars is Australia's leading supplier of mobile pop up bars, pop up cocktail bars, portable bars and outdoor bars for home. We provide bars to all of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
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Portable Bars
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Forest Green Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00
www.popupbars.com Mobile Bar Branded 'Pop Up Bars'

Branded 'Pop Up Bars'

From $1,645.00
www.popupbars.com Mobile Bar White Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

White Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Ivy Leaf Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Arctic White 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,195.00
www.popupbars.com Mobile Bar Yellow Beach Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

Yellow Beach Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

White Marble 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

White Brick Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Watermelon, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Turquoise Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Turquoise Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Tropical Leaf, From Where You'd Rather Be! 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Tiki Sunrise 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Sunset Tiki 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Silver Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Red Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Red Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Rainbow, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Pink Powder Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Pineapple, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Palm Tree Sunset , From Where You'd Rather Be! 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Palm Tree Sky, From Where You'd Rather Be! 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Orange Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Orange Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Neon Lounge Bar Sign on White Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Neon Lounge Bar Sign on Dark Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Neon Lounge Bar Sign on Dark Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Neon Lounge Bar Sign on Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Navy Blue Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Lobster, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Las Vegas 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Flamingo, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Dark Timber Grain Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Chesterfield Black 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

'Up In Lights' Your Bar Sign on Dark Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Dark Brick Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Copper Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Chesterfield Ivory 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Chesterfield Chocolate 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Chesterfield Burgundy 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Checkered Flag 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Canary Yellow Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Cactus, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Brick Pattern 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Black Stripes 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00
'Up In Lights' Your Bar Sign on Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

'Up In Lights' Your Bar Sign on Brick 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Banana, Sunny-Time 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Bamboo Natural 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

Bamboo Green 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00

'Up In Lights' Your Bar Sign on Dark Timber Grain 'Pop Up Bar'

From $1,645.00