Branded 'Pop Up Bars'

Our custom branded bars provide businesses with a sure-fire way to garner attention from people present at the event. Our portable bars function as a great tool to market your business when attending trade shows, hosting product launches, and participating in exhibitions.

With our custom and personalised mobile bars, you receive complete creative freedom to design a bar that reflects you, your business or your brand.

Any graphic can be added with popping clarity giving your brand as much exposure as required.

There are endless branding opportunities with our 'Branded Pop Up Bars' If you have designers in house simply we can send you our design template or if you need guidance, we can create a bespoke design for you.

All our bars come with remote-operated multicolour LED showcase lights illuminating the front panel so your brand will pop and shine in any lighting condition.

With our fast fabrication time, we can build you a custom branded bar in time for your next event or product launch.

Contact us today so we can tell you about the endless branding opportunities you receive with our custom branded bars.

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